Our Core Values


We believe in the amazing benefits of fulvic mineral complex to aid in better health and see to it that you get a healthy dose of minerals with each sip. We have created Zenful to be a multifaceted beverage— to awaken your senses and induce a calming state of mind with our flavor combinations, while providing an abundant source of trace minerals that improve cellular function—including increased hydration and detoxification.


At Zenful we strive to be different. Most fulvic water beverages are in the form of black water which is off-putting to some. Zenful is the first clear water beverage containing fulvic minerals, and what’s more—are the delightful flavor combinations we offer. We also created a memorable design and bottle shape for easy handling. We source our trace minerals from the earth’s soil and so we pay homage to the earth in our bottle design. We are founded by Earthwater Inc, and believe in using the best of the earth for the good of the people.


A passion for nutrition and healthy living are the driving force behind Zenful. Our mission is to inspire and support women and men who aim to achieve their zen on a daily basis. We believe in a sense of community and caring for our earth through caring for our people.